Legal interpreting services

We offer consecutive interpreting services in the most common language combinations at any location desired by the client.

Due to their knowledge of the legal content at issue, our professional and socially competent interpreters are reliable and important partners in providing interpretation services during

  • contractual negotiations
  • conciliation procedures
  • mediation
  • notarisations
  • arbitration proceedings
  • interviews and examination hearings
  • M&A transactions
  • presentations

The right type of interpreting service for your event

Time-delayed interpreting

The speaker speaks while the interpreter takes notes. The spoken passages are interpreted with a time delay, which means that about twice as much time is required.

Consecutive interpreting

Following or alternating with the speaker, the interpreter interprets the respective passage into the target language.

Negotiations interpreting

In negotiations interpreting, the interpreter actively uses two languages, e.g. in court or during examination hearings.

Simultaneous interpreting

The speaker speaks while the interpreter interprets simultaneously. This approach saves a lot of time, but aside from the appropriate training also requires the highest level of concentration. For longer events, two interpreters usually alternate approx. every 20-30 minutes. From a technical point of view, we differentiate the following types of assignments:

Conferences & conventions

At large events, the interpreter interprets from a soundproof booth. This requires the appropriate technology for audio transmission as well as high-quality headphones for the listeners.

Guided tours

For mobile or smaller events a guided tour system is used. The interpreter speaks into a microphone. The signals are transmitted to the headphones of the listeners.

Whispered interpreting

In this specialised approach, the interpreter sits between or behind at most two listeners and softly interprets to them. This method does not require any technical aids.

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