The law in your sector

We offer our legal services across multiple legal systems, areas of the law and sectors of the economy.

During the course of our existence, we have continuously and carefully built up a global network of expertise comprising lawyers, attorneys and lawyer linguists with extremely thorough practical knowledge.

Legal systems / areas of the law

The lawyers and attorneys with whom we work will be familiar with the law applicable to the order in question, hold a degree in the relevant legal system or a license to practise and have the necessary practical experience in order to guarantee the required legal accuracy and substantive precision.

Over the years, we have recruited jurists and attorneys, former judges and public sector lawyers who have worked in the most important legal systems and are familiar with various areas of the law within their respective legal systems.

Our staff's practical experience, which spans the private sector, administration, legal practice, associations, universities and research, means that we can ensure swift and comprehensive access to the legal knowledge required.


Our staff have previously worked in a wide variety of sectors. Thanks to their rich experience, we are able to guarantee quality even for documents with highly complex content (e.g. pharmaceutical contracts, IT contracts, technical service contracts, works contracts including technical annexes etc.).

Legal translations for the construction and real estate industry (SIA standards)

LT practice example #xx: Strictly applying the appropriate specialist terminology, LT Lawtank translates legal documents for various construction and real estate companies throughout the entire real estate lifecycle.

We have integrated the terminology of the major SIA standards into our translation tools. In this way, we can guarantee the highest rate of legal and linguistic precision.

Based on the SIA standards, we translate documents required during the project planning and implementation phase, such as

  • Partnership agreements for planning joint ventures
  • Project agreements
  • Planner and site management contracts
  • Total contractor (work and services) contracts
  • General contractor (work and services) contracts
  • General transferee contracts
  • and many more

In connection with the management phase, we translate legal documents such as

  • Rental agreements
  • Contracts of sale
  • Leases
  • Easement agreements
  • Pledge agreements
  • and many more

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