Legal translations

The accurate translation of legal documents requires not only a flawless command of the two languages in question but also, and above all, an understanding of the legal content of the text.

Our team is made up of jurists, lawyers and legal linguists with practical experience in various specialist areas, who have trained in various countries and legal systems. We are able to guarantee the optimal quality of our legal translations throughout all areas of the law.

Selected LT practical examples of translations within legal proceedings

Translations in parallel with negotiation

Translation support for negotiations concerning a collective employment agreement for a public sector enterprise.

Particular challenges on this project included the very tight deadlines and the need to reflect linguistic nuances when implementing the results of negotiations into two national languages.

Support for courts, arbitral tribunals or within administrative procedures, from the statement of claim through to the final judgment

Since it was founded, LT Lawtank has provided translation support within countless national and international legal proceedings, in some cases through various instances. We have provided translations with legal force or binding effect, although also purely for information purposes.

  • Exchange of correspondence between the parties
  • Court orders
  • Correspondence
  • Evidence
  • Judgment

Support within a WTO accession process by a developing country

Acting on the instructions of the Department of Commerce of a mentor state to a North African country seeking accession to the WTO, LT Lawtank provided translation support over a number of years during the preparatory stage for accession, in the process translating significant quantities of legislation that was of relevance for the accession.

Translation of due diligence documentation in relation to the purchase of an enterprise

LT Lawtank has translated comprehensive documents and contracts of relevance for a number of M&A transactions (in some cases working in a data room, and in others with remote access).

Linguistic support to a group of companies in dealing with an extensive in-house corruption procedure

Support for the procedure by LT Lawtank from the first examinations as part of the in-house investigation through to the public criminal prosecution and damages action.

Additional examples

  • Linguistic support concerning legal aspects and the preparation of communications for major tournaments held by various sporting associations (sponsorship contracts, media law contracts etc.)
  • Translation of CTD documentation in relation to the licensing of pharmaceuticals
  • Translations relating to the preparation of new draft legislation and within consultation procedures for federal and cantonal legislation
  • Translations relating to legislative drafts and messages for discussion in Parliament
  • Support over a number of years for a corporate restructuring: Translation and adjustment of comprehensive employee documentation (guidelines, regulations, handbooks, HR templates etc.)


Various LT practical examples of other documents translated

Legal publications

  • Timely translation of large volumes with complex specialist terminology
  • Regular foreign language support for legal publications of leading publishers
  • Commentary on the Swiss Occupational Pensions Act/Vested Benefits Act
  • Legal theory publications
  • Leading civil law journals:
    • AJP
    • FamPra
    • forumpoenale
    • SZS
    • Sicherheit & Recht
    • and more...

Documents for courts and administrative authorities

LT Lawtank regularly translates for various courts and administrative authorities. Documents include statements of claim (and in some cases the entire exchange of correspondence), decisions, orders, forms and other documents with legal force or binding effect into other official languages or the native languages of the participants.

Notarial instruments and Commercial Register extracts

LT Lawtank's staff are fully versant with the often formalistic language, expressions and abbreviations used in notarial practice within various legal systems.

  • Incorporation of foundations
  • Incorporation of capital companies
  • Establishment of branch offices
  • Real estate contracts
  • Translation of wills (subject to particularly exacting requirements of precision due to the principle of devisor intention)
  • Marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Civil status documents
  • and more...

Financial documents

  • Fund prospectuses (subject to particularly exacting requirements of precision due to the enhanced prospectus liability)
  • Fund annual (or half yearly) reports
  • FATCA documentation
  • Management reports
  • Annual accounts
  • Documents relating to licensing procedures (FINMA [CH], BAFIN [DE], AMF [F])

Corporate documents

  • Incorporation documents
  • Articles of association
  • Organisational regulations
  • Codes of ethics
  • Management reports and annual reports
  • BoD minutes
  • Remuneration reports
  • Data Protection Policy
  • and more...

Employment law documents

  • Contracts of employment
  • Staff regulations
  • Guidelines
  • Employment references
  • Codes of conduct and codes of ethics in more than 10 languages
  • Documents relating to employment law disputes
  • Documents relating to job advertisements
  • Notices of dismissal
  • and more...

Additional examples

  • Any type of individual contract or standard form contract (both for information purposes and also for signature in the target language) 
  • GTCs
  • Terms of participation 
  • Websites
  • Scientific studies
  • Bankruptcy schedules
  • Tax documents, e.g. tax rulings
  • Decisions of cantonal tax boards
  • Training documentation
  • Specialist examinations
  • Insurance policies 
  • Insurance contracts
  • Insurance regulations
  • Legal opinions
  • and more...

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