Minutes and transcription service

Multilingual and internationally active organisations, associations and companies need foreign-language minutes and transcripts of audio recordings in various situations.

Minutes and transcriptions of meetings, negotiations, interviews, telephone conversations or internal proceedings can often not be recorded or transcribed in-house for various reasons, such as confidentiality, lack of language competence/resources, desired neutrality, etc.

Minutes service

We provide you with experienced mother-tongue or multilingual minute takers who are able to create the minutes directly on-site. If required, we translate the minutes into the desired target languages and guarantee the highest precision. This includes

  • meetings of boards of directors
  • meetings of management boards
  • project committees
  • disciplinary procedures
  • proceedings before specialist boards

Transcription services

Do you need a verbatim transcript of, e.g.,

  • meetings
  • negotiations
  • interviews
  • examination hearings


We make professional audio and video recordings and then provide a verbatim transcription. If required, we translate the transcripts into the desired languages.

LT practice examples of minutes and transcription assignments

Arbitration proceeding (International Chamber of Commerce)

In an ICC arbitration proceeding, LT Lawtank recorded witness interviews over several days and then prepared verbatim transcripts from the recordings. Due to the international facts of the case, the witness interviews were conducted in German, English and Turkish. In addition, a high degree of technical jargon was involved due to the subject matter of the proceeding.

With its multilingual lawyer linguists, LT Lawtank was able to provide professional support during the proceeding and to prepare the verbatim transcripts accurately and in a timely manner.

Internal disciplinary proceeding

In an internal disciplinary proceeding, LT Lawtank prepared records of interviews with individuals over several days. These were

  • on the one hand, protocols prepared simultaneously with the interviews, without recording and transcription, and with review and confirmation immediately following each interview;
  • on the other hand, these were verbatim protocols based on a recording made during the interview and subsequent transcription.

The interviews were conducted in English and required a high degree of discretion. Because there were no detailed procedural rules for the proceeding, LT Lawtank acted in an advisory capacity to ensure that the interviews were conducted in accordance with legal requirements.

National professional association

An important national professional association operates its own internal disciplinary system and, in the event of breaches by its members of the code of conduct, carries out procedures which must comply with the minimum standards laid down under the Constitution.

After providing legal support for the reorganisation of the association's system of justice, LT Lawtank provides minutes services within ongoing procedures for hearings and negotiations conducted in the relevant national language.

Examination of witnesses

Sound recordings of witness hearings within in-house association or enterprise disciplinary hearings first had to be transcribed and thereafter translated into the various languages of the members of the disciplinary board.

Corporate Secretary

A Swiss German-speaking enterprise has elected a French-speaking chairman for its board of directors, although does not have appropriate secretarial staff and instructs LT Lawtank to draw up minutes promptly for important meetings (representation of a corporate secretary).

Subtitling of videos for specialist legal presentations

As a legal conference has had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus crisis, the presentations are to be made available online to conference participants. With this in mind, speakers prepare videos of their presentations in French or German, which are subsequently subtitled in the other language by an experienced team at LT Lawtank.

Voice-over of a compliance training session

A company with international operations would like to provide corporate compliance training to its staff based in various countries. The script for the PowerPoint presentation is written in English and needs to be translated into Swedish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Burmese and Dutch and subsequently voiced over. Just as we do for our translations, we also use native speakers for voice-over work.

Minutes service for an international conference

LT Lawtank was commissioned to prepare detailed minutes of a two-day international humanitarian conference with a short turn-around time for finalisation. The conference brought together some 120 representatives of various international humanitarian organisations as well as representatives from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), academic institutions and the private sector. The conference language was English. The minutes included all verbal statements made at the conference – from lectures and panels to group presentations and discussion rounds – as well as contributions from presentation documents and in connection with decision-making tools used. The finalised minutes served as the basis for a comprehensive conference report.

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