Overcome linguistic and legal barriers with confidence

With our legal linguistic services (translation, interpreting, legalisation etc.) alongside our legal drafting and implementation services (research, contractual drafting, securing of evidence, etc.), we can support you within complex procedures. We help our clients to overcome linguistic and legal barriers in various legal systems with confidence.

Our services at a glance

Language and law

Translating and interpreting

With our legal translation and interpreting services, we assist our clients in safeguarding their legal position and understanding procedural and substantive issues, and also naturally in making themselves understood.

Certified translation

If the procedure or authority in question requires a certified translation, a sworn translation or that the translation be carried out in accordance with specific requirements, we can organise the necessary translations in the requisite form and according to the prescribed procedure. Worldwide, fast, on time.

Minutes and transcription service

Our minutes and transcription services enable our clients to comply with linguistic requirements within the ambit of legal procedures (meetings, negotiations, hearings, etc.) or that are imposed by law, Articles of Association or contract.

Law and implementation

Legal drafting

Our legal drafting service is intended to ensure the legal conformity of client documents (contracts, disclaimers, privacy statements GTCs etc.).

Legal customising

With our legal customising service we adjust the content of our client's documents to the applicable law (legal localisation).

Legal monitoring

With our legal monitoring service we examine and monitor compliance with legal requirements or contractual agreements.

We speak your language

The more than 40 languages and 100+ language combinations covered by our international team of legal staff most likely also include the languages you require.


Multi-system and cross-sectoral expertise

The lawyers and attorneys used are fully versant with the law applicable to the relevant project and, thanks to their own specific professional background, are also familiar with complex issues specific to the sector.

Specialist areas

Global network of expertise

During the course of our existence, we have continuously and carefully built up a global network of expertise comprising lawyers, attorneys and lawyer linguists with extremely thorough practical and linguistic knowledge.


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