Legal customising

You would like to expand into new markets with your products and to apply your existing General Terms and Conditions of Business.

Data protection requirements, exclusions of liability, export regulations etc. will differ depending upon the target legal system.

As part of the legal customising service, our experienced staff, who have received training in various legal systems, will examine the legal documents of our clients and adjust their content in line with the desired legal system (legal localisation).

LT practical example

Legal localization to cantonal law

As part of the market expansion of a financial services company into the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, LT Lawtank was tasked with reviewing the existing product descriptions and marketing materials created for the German-speaking part of Switzerland for their terminological and legal consistency with the conditions in the cantons of Ticino and Graubünden and, where necessary, to revise the documents to fit the law and legal terminology of those cantons.

This also provided the opportunity to improve and clarify certain linguistic and legal ambiguities in the source texts.

Modelling agency

Usage of US standard form contracts of a modelling agency on the European market. Exclusion of liability and data protection clauses did not comply with EU and national requirements and were thus adjusted by LT Lawtank in line with the law of the target country.

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