Legal monitoring

By our legal monitoring service, we examine compliance with legal agreements, procedures and provisions. In addition, we will help you and your legal representatives in securing and enforcing your rights.

We offer amongst others the following services in this area:

  • monitoring of meetings, multi-lingual assemblies, elections, prize draws etc. to ensure compliance with regulatory and legal requirements
  • searches, queries and monitoring of the Commercial Register
  • securing evidence/providing support in combating counterfeit products

LT practical example: Procedural issues

Provision of advice to clients by LT Lawtank in relation to procedural issues and if necessary corrective interventions in elections or meetings.

LT practical example: Search of the Hong Kong Companies Registry

Order of a Registry extract for a company from Hong Kong, of which only the transcribed name was available, for the purpose of preparing a damages claim. LT Lawtank carried out the clarifications required for the order and obtained the relevant extract for the client.

LT practical example: Purchases to secure evidence

Instruction to make purchases to secure evidence by a renowned luxury goods enterprise. LT Lawtank was instructed by the client to purchase various counterfeit goods in a number of Swiss boutiques, to investigate the distribution network and to ensure confiscation by the police/according to customs regulations.

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