Certified translation for Expats: Which category applies in my case?

Do you have documents that you need to have translated and submitted to an authority in Switzerland or another country?


We are well versed in the formal requirements for translations for official use, which depend on the applicable legal system, and differentiate the following five categories:

  • Translations certified by the LT Lawtank company stamp
  • Translations with an officially certified signature
  • Translations by a sworn translator
  • Translations with an affidavit by the translator
  • Authenticated translations

For more than 18 years, LT Lawtank has been successfully translating complex legal texts. Our team consists of experienced legal professionals, attorneys and legal linguists from various countries, legal systems and industries. We translate from/to over 40 languages.

We advise you with respect to the formal requirements, handle the translation, certify or obtain the necessary certifications, and provide you with the required documents.


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