Additional services

Creation of glossaries

Upon request, we can create and manage a glossary for your company on the basis of your company-specific terminology and therefore ensure unitary usage of the relevant terminology within the (legal) documents of your various company divisions.

Summary translation

You receive a foreign language legal document and need to know what it deals with or you only need the most important parts to be translated. Our lawyer linguists will analyse the document in accordance with your specifications and draw up a summary of the most important content in the desired target language.

Review (either language only or language and content)

You would like a text that you have written to be reviewed, or arrange for a document written by a third party to be reviewed for linguistic accuracy, and if required also its content. We are happy to provide our native speaker reviewers who are well-versed in the particular area.


A previously translated document has been amended in the source language, and these changes now need to be implemented within the respective translations. We will be happy to make the adjustments for you.

Quality review

You have doubts regarding the quality of an existing translation. Upon request, we will be happy to review it for linguistic and terminological accuracy and also in order to ensure that it is a substantively accurate translation of the source text.

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